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Microsoft has made several hardware support improvements in Windows Phone 8 to ensure that the operating system could run on more competitive, higher-end devices. So HTC's flagship device, timed to hit stores when Windows Phone 8 becomes publicly available Monday, arrives packed with all that newly supported hardware. The Taiwanese company has delivered something Windows Phone has needed for a while: a phone you'd actually want. First, the hardware design.

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When you look at the 4. The 8X has the same curved Gorilla Glass display surrounded by a thin frame of color. The phones have similar shapes: rectangular with fairly sharp corners and rounded edges.

The Lumia-esque bezel design only adds to the familiarity. But once you actually hold the HTC 8X, you'll notice the difference: It's incredibly thin, yet it doesn't feel at all flimsy. The company's designers said they developed the 8X body by imagining a Windows Phone Live Tile puffed with air.

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I believe it, given the 8X's distinctly pillow-shaped contoured back. The thickest part of the phone measures Remarkably, however, the 8X feels around the same thinness as the iPhone 5, and even thinner than the iPhone 4, which is 9. I realize those numbers say otherwise, but this feels like a very thin phone, and design doesn't look bulky at all. The buttons — a top-right lock button, a volume rocker, and a dedicated camera shutter — all rest flush along the edge of the phone so everything is seamlessly smooth.

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Finally, with the soft finish of the matte polycarbonate body, all of this adds up to a handset that's enjoyable to hold. I couldn't help absentmindedly turning the phone over and over in my hand. And of course the colors are eye-catching. I got the blue global model named "California Blue" by the company , which will be available through all carriers. The 8X also comes in a very bright highlighter yellow, an orangey-red, and the standard black. The 8X is also totally spec'd out. This is the company's high-end, flagship Windows Phone offering, so it competes with some of the best phones on the market in terms of raw numbers.

You get a gorgeous 4. Colors are incredibly bright and blacks are super black. I couldn't see any notable differences between this screen and the Retina Display on my iPhone. Inside there's a Qualcomm S4 1.

HTC 8X and HTC 8S priced in UK, are pretty cheap

The phone has 16GB of storage and 1GB of RAM, which might be a bit low for power users who store a lot on their phone, but is totally fine for me and most users. The device supports 4G LTE, along with all the other standard cellular frequencies. Sporting a mAh battery, the 8X has respectable battery life.

It lasted me all day with average use, and only drained toward the end of the day when I spent several hours browsing the web, calling people, and playing around with it non-stop while stranded inside a plane that was stuck on the tarmac at JFK. If you're worried about battery life, there is a battery-saving mode in Windows Phone 8. Just turn it on and specify that you want it to kick in when battery life is low and your phone will only run your apps when you're actively using them no multitasking or updating Live Tiles.

One slightly annoying feature: When the battery gets low, I noticed at around 7 percent battery life, a small red light behind the earpiece will start to blink. It's distracting. If there's a way to turn it off, I couldn't easily find it. Windows Phone 8 ran super smoothly on the 8X, and I didn't see any lag or stuttering while swiping and tapping around the OS. I actually kept the app on my Start Screen since the Live Tile shows a big time stamp — much easier to see than the tiny digital clock at the top right corner — and a bit of info about the local weather.

Other pre-installed HTC apps included Flashlight, Converter for converting units, and Connection Setup for configuring your mobile network. The apps themselves are nothing fancy, but each was useful enough so as not to fall into the bloatware category. Since this was a global phone, not a U. Call quality was very clear when I had 3G or better signal. But that has much more to do with the carrier than the phone. One area that could use some improvement is the camera.

Ramki Rocky Oct, Excellent phone, value for money. Very happy with the phone.

I think it still makes more sense than an Android phone! But it is sad that Win phones have just got crowded out of a market that has gone bonkers Biju David Oct, Class of a phone.

The HTC 8X is the signature Windows Phone 8 device, but is it any good?

Very good configuration with super slick interface. And for the price being offered at FK, a highly recommeded deal. Avilesh Mahajan Verified Buyer Oct, It would be one..! It mostly pleases with it build quality and for a such a price its a worthy piece of cake.

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Hello Well this is my first comment on flipkart and i hope that everyone like it. I think this is the best phone for its price with windows os. The design is very cool and it feels very thin and light. Also i thank Flipkart for great service and free bluetooth offer. I also recommend Gadgetshieldz full body guard for this phone. Samee Asghar Verified Buyer Sep, Did you know that this phone was declared by MS as the official WP flagship at the time of launch. It was priced a bit high at launch but now that has reduced greatly.