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Interest rate of which the dealer may retain a portion is negotiable.

Any agreement is subject to execution of contract documents. Every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data. Before purchasing a vehicle, please verify any information, accessories, equipment andor price in question with a dealership sales consultant prior to the sale of this vehicle. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.

First, it's important to know that I have been leasing and purchasing vehicles on the east and west coast for over 25 years. Over the past 8 years, I have continued to do business with TOS due to the dealerships outstanding customer service in sales and maintenance.

As a TOS customer, you are guaranteed NO slick sales gimmicks, pressure or manipulating ploys to purchase their vehicle. YES, just great customer service with honesty and ease.

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When I walked into the showroom, I was greeted by a friendly sales associate who said if you need any help or have any questions, please let someone know. I asked to speak with the sales manager Joyce Kroeger. Within a couple of minutes, Joyce was available to talk with me about my interest in trading in my Toyota Tacoma SR5 for the Tacoma TRD sitting in front of the dealership. I asked Joyce if she could run the numbers for a lease or purchase option based on my current credit score.

I also stated a ballpark figure in terms of a monthly payment amount if we were going to move forward with a trade-in today. Additionally, I explained that I only had a few hours due to a dinner engagement, so I did not have a lot of time hanging around the dealership. I had some general questions about the equipment options on the Tacoma TRD, so Joyce introduced me to Kel Sadiku, who is an experienced sales associate.

Kel was able to answer all my questions while Joyce was working on appraising my Tacoma, calculating monthly payment amounts for a lease and purchase price. It took Joyce less than 30 minutes to come back with all the information I needed to make an informed decision. Based on the information provided, I decided to go with a 36 month lease with the option to purchase or refinance the Tacoma at the end of the lease terms.

When I gave the OK to proceed with the paperwork, it took less than 90 minutes to run my credit, prepare the contract, detail and register my new truck and drive off. I would highly recommend Toyota of Seattle to anyone who is looking to lease or purchase a new Toyota vehicle. The customer service at Toyota of Seattle is second to none! Michael Croyle Seattle, WA. For sales, service, and parts we are easy to work with and love creating customers for life. Please visit our website at http:www. I recently ordered a vehicle with this dealership using their dealer trade program.

Prior to giving them my dollar deposit I reconfirmed all costs, rebates, interest rates, and trade amount. They gave me a choice either rebate or low interest rate. On his behalf I realize that he did his best, He confirmed all numbers with the gsm prior to us ordering the vehicle , he did an awesome job.

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To make it worse, the gsm let us leave without trying to fix the deal, making it poor service to a customer and bad business. If your going to buy from this dealer, becareful, make sure everything is in writing and make sure you double check your credit rate and interest rates.

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They broke their written promise with me. Very bad business. Not all incentive programs can be combined.

See dealer for incentive eligibility.. Financing Available! Turner Automotive We make it EASY!!! After searching the Internet on Toyota dealers, I requested additional information from some dealers on the Highlander. Vernez was very professional and answered my questions. There was no pressure sales. James was like talking to an old friend. The Toyota Yaris might look compact, but it is big on features and fun. Yaris's sports-car-inspired handling and lively acceleration brings excitement to any drive. Financing on approved credit.

We are bending over backwards. Nothing but a run around once they have your cash you don't mean a damn thing to them. It started with me going to the dealer to look at the car I called them in the morning and they said come down around 3 and it will be fully detailed and ready to show when I got down there at 4 it had just barely went into detail. They pulled it out so I could test drive it and then it was supposed to go straight back to detail I waited inside for about an hour walked outside and it was sitting in the same spot it was when I got back from the test drive the salesman was [non-permissible content removed] everytime I tried to bring something up and then after hours of waiting I was told the detail was almost done went in paid for the car came back outside and my car was gone nobody could find it.

They spent another hour trying to locate it they finally found it god knows where and I was finally on my way fast forward a week before my temp tag is ready to expire and I called them to get a status on it. The lady tells me safety and emissions wasn't done so I had finally had enough and called the motor vehicle enforcement division once they got involved a safety and emissions certificate magically appeared only after taking the car home and going through it with a fine tooth comb that car never should have passed safety the inside of the back tires are bald, both control arm bushing are completely torn, and a motor mount is broke they had the odometer wrong the car itself had roughly k on it but all paperwork was showing k when I asked the finance manager to fox it his response was just don't sale the car until it hits that mileage!

But it's ok for them to sale it? Also the detail my 3 year old could have wiped it down better than they did! I could ramble on but I think I have gotten my point across this dealership is a joke if you buy a used car from them prepare to fight them the entire process and come out on the losing end of it.

It's like having a dealer in the family! My recent purchase of a new Rav 4 at ToC was flawless. Ryan was my sales associate throughout the process. He was what I would consider an ideal salesman. He was patient and never pushy, allowing myself and then my wife and I to test drive the Rav 4 three times over a period of two weeks. He introduced us to Colton B, a service advisor and Bill C in the parts dept. After negotiating what I felt was a fair price I was introduced to the general manager, Chris A. I had been preapproved for financing from an outside lender and he asked me if he could be given the chance to meet or beat my rate.

We have great credit and I was surprised that he was able to match my rate. I took the financing through ToC saving the inconvenience of an outside lender. After the purchase Ryan spent at least an hour going over the systems and programing of the radio and Bluetooth. This is our second Toyota purchase from ToC. Using our past experience as a guide we will continue to use their service dept. My wife has never paid for an oil change on her Camry a benny they no longer provide with , miles on the car.

We did have a few bumps with the service dept. But the same is true for economy cars. The buzzy, bare-bones subcompacts of yesterday embraced their quintessential cheapness in a honest way that today's econoboxes are mostly incapable of recapturing.

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There are a multitude of reasons for this decades-long slide into ponderous, plodding mediocrity. Whether that's cutting costs in weird places or adding needless features to approximate a more expensive car, the result has mostly been a forgettable mess. I say mostly, because there's still one car out there in this price range that's flight of foot, flinty of character, and freely admitting of its appeal to cheapskates: the Toyota Yaris iA, one of the more surprisingly enjoyable cars I've driven recently.

That's partly because of the six-speed manual transmission, and partly because it's really a rebadged Mazda 2, but the whole package shows that Toyota still believes a cheap-ass car doesn't have to feel like a punishment. Enthusiasts, avert your eyes—we're about to dig deeper on why this rental-spec Toyota is worth a second look, based on a week of driving around New York City this past winter. Pricing debate aside, there's no doubt that the Toyota Yaris iA is pretty much the only game in cheap car town that's worth playing these days.

Its direct handling and low curb weight make it more go-kart than commuter coffin, and underneath that unapologetically cheap skin is an extremely solid subcompact sedan. Evaluating a car like this requires recalibrating your expectations. No, it's not particularly comfortable. No, it doesn't have a turbo.